Location within Margarita: El Yaque is at the center of the island next to the airport, since there is equidistant from Porlamar, Juan Griego, San Juan Bautista, Punta de Piedra, La Restinga, Macanao, Car, Cubagua, La Isleta , Las Marites, for those who wish to explore the island, it’s a good starting point. Urban growth is limited by natural boundaries. To the north is the airport, eastward is the lake and National Park (Las Marites), to the south is the sea and on the west are mangroves. In 5 to 10 minutes you reach the airport, a very important gateway to the island where flights arrive constantly from all Latin American and Caribbean nations, as well as North America and Europe.  
  Playa El Yaque (Margarita Island) is a fishing village which develops a beautiful villa for athletes, retains the traditional feel with modern hotel buildings and borders the National Park Las Marites with its lovely lake, which affords breathtaking views of away from the city of Porlamar.    
  A traditional fishing adds the exciting and dynamic appeal of kitesurfing and windsurfing. Since it became public the exceptional conditions of wind and sea for most of the year in Playa El Yaque, visiting citizens of the world has given this small town international sporting environment.  
  The practice kitesurf and windsurf at Playa El Yaque attract the most famous champions of Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa and many beings eager to share their adventures and successes. The valid for the Championship of these disciplines, have taken to El Yaque as one of the most important challenges for victory. The flow of the athlete, World Championships, but the peaceful international environment, make this place a destination you should know when visiting the island of Margarita.  
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